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Are you looking for Summer Tyres for your vehicle?

Summer tyres offer enhanced handling and traction on both wet and dry surfaces at temperatures above 7-degrees Celsius. These models are designed to provide optimum driving comfort in the hot summer months.

We, at BR Car Care Centre, stock a wide variety of summer tyres Birmingham  for you to choose from. These models are available in premium, mid-range and budget ranges to offer a fit for all kinds of ‘tyres near me’ searches.

You can buy these tyres online from our website. Simply put in your vehicle’s registration number, and you will get a range of tyres to browse from based on your car’s specifications.

You can also buy these tyres offline from our garage. If you are confused about which model to pick, just take help from our experts. Please call us to know more or come to see us.

What makes summer tyres unique?

Tough Rubber Compound

Summer tyres come with a harder rubber compound made with a lower natural rubber content. This allows even heat distribution throughout the tyre, so the chances of a possible blowout due to overheating can be avoided.

A tougher tread compound also lowers the rolling resistance to enhance fuel economy.

Shallow Tread Depth

Summer tyre models have a comparatively shallower tread depth. A lesser tread depth allows more tyre-to-road contact, thus offering uncompromised traction.

Tread Ribs

Summer models come with tread ribs that are generally placed in the centre to effectively evacuate water from the tread path, making the tyre aquaplaning resistant.

Things to keep in mind while buying summer tyres Birmingham from us

While fitting summer models, make sure you change all four units to ensure driving safety and roadworthiness. Do not mix summer models with other models, especially on the same lateral plane.

Buying tyres of the right size is essential for a better handling experience and your driving safety.

Always buy tyres from a reputed garage like us to ensure you are getting the best products.

Here is a list of some popular summer tyres Birmingham from our inventory-

  • Pirelli P Zero Corsa System
  • Michelin Pilot Super Sport
  • Continental EcoContact 6

For further details or to book an appointment, please get in touch.