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Are you looking for Part Worn Tyres for your vehicle?

According to a study, about 5.5 million of part-worn tyres are sold each year in the UK. Tyre dealerships must adhere to strict regulations set by the DVSA to make sure that these tyres are in proper condition.

So, if you plan on buying part worn tyres Birmingham, make sure you are going to the right place. Consider driving over to BR Car Care Centre. We house an excellent collection of part-worn tyres that provide standard performance and on-road safety.

To buy these part worn car tyres Birmingham, just come over at any time during our business hours and choose your favourites.

Why buy part-worn tyres from us?

Before selling any part-worn tyres, our experts will always thoroughly check each tyre to make sure it meets all legal safety guidelines. This criterion is governed by the Motor Vehicle Tyre (Safety) Regulations 1994 (reg.7.) act.

  • A tread depth of a minimum of 2mm.
  • ECE approval mark to provide assurance regarding load-bearing capacity and speed index of these variants.
  • The tyre has to be marked as “PART WORN”
  • For tyres marked BS AU 144e, load capacity and speed category symbol should be mentioned.
  • Original grooves must be visible.
  • Tyres must pass the inflation test before sale.
  • Tyre innards like chords or ply must NOT be exposed.
  • No sign of serious damage or lumps on the surface or shoulder blocks.

Our experts make sure that all our used tyres meet these comprehensive guidelines before making them available for sale.

Good reasons to buy part-worn tyres for your car


Since part-worn tyres are second-hand variants, they are much more economical than new tyres. This makes it a preferred option among car-owners with budget constraints or those using a second vehicle for local drives etc.


Since part-worn variants are less expensive, it helps car-owners access an exhaustive range of options. Here at the BR Car Care Centre, you can find many top brands at an excellent quality.


Opting for these variants helps avoid rubber wastage. This helps contribute to environmental well-being as well.

So, if you are interested in buying part worn tyres Birmingham, drop in at our facility.

You can find our car garage Birmingham at 383-387 Moseley Rd, Birmingham B12 9DD.

For more information, you can certainly also call us on 01214 400779.