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Are you looking for Winter Check Service in Birmingham?

To optimise your safety and driving performance in the UK’s often unpredictable winter conditions, experts recommend getting a professional car winter check.

At the BR Car Care Centre, we host a team of highly-skilled technicians who ensure you get exclusive car winter check Birmingham at an affordable rate.

What do we include in our car winter check in Birmingham?

At our facility, we will conduct various inspections to check the car parts that are most vulnerable during the winter months. Some of the checks we offer are as follows:

Engine Oil

During winters, the car engine oil thickens, leading to improper lubrication of engine parts. This adversely affects the car’s functioning and also has an impact on the battery. Therefore, to avoid sudden vehicle breakdowns in winter, get a winter check from our experts who will replace the engine oil with a winter-friendly variant.


The chemical reactions inside a car battery slow down during winter, compromising its functioning. During a winter check, we will inspect your cars’ battery and make sure it is working at its optimal level.


Certain factors like tyre pressure, tread depth, and carcass integrity determine whether your car tyres are ready to “survive” the winter. Experts. Including those at our garage recommend installing winter tyres to enjoy safe and comfortable drives. You can purchase quality winter tyres from our expansive collection to have maximum handling efficiency while driving on ice and snow.


The water to antifreeze ratio should be at a standard 50-50 level. In our car winter check Birmingham, we will monitor the antifreeze levels and top up if necessary.

Apart from these checks we may carry out additional ones, depending on the type, usage and age of your vehicle.

Hence, please refrain from time-consuming searches like “best car winter check garage near me” and call us instead to book appointments and get quotes. We are happy to assist.