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Are you looking for Suspension Repair Service in Birmingham?

A car’s suspension system is responsible for providing a smooth driving experience and handling stability. It helps enhance tyre to road contact, thus improving cornering precision and steering responsiveness.

Hence, any issues with a car’s suspension will lead to a drop in manoeuvrability, accelerated tyre wear and wheel misalignment. To avoid huge vehicle repair bills due to a faulty suspension system, opt for a car suspension repair Birmingham at the BR Car Care Centre.

How does a car suspension system get damaged?

A car’s suspension system is vulnerable to damages under the following circumstances. Avoid the following to keep the suspension in optimum working condition.

  • Avoid aggressive braking as it damages suspension components over time.
  • Dented or damaged wheels
  • Don’t accelerate over speed bumps, drive through potholes at a high speed etc., as your car’s shock absorbers Birmingham can bend out of shape. It can also lead to hydraulic fluid leakage.
  • Faulty tyre pressure.
  • Overloading your car.
  • Driving with misaligned wheels.
  • Damaged control arms.
  • Prolonged driving over uneven surfaces without necessary modifications.

There are several symptoms that indicate suspension damage. It is necessary to keep a lookout for these signs to opt for an immediate car suspension repair Birmingham at our facility.

  • Uneven tyre wear
  • Car pulling to the side
  • One side of the car sits lower than the others
  • Oily and greasy shock absorbers
  • The vehicle “nose-dives” while braking
  • Diminished acceleration rate
  • Difficulty in maintaining vehicle stability while driving

At the BR Car Care Centre, our experts thoroughly inspect the suspension components of your vehicle in order to identify any defects. They then use only OE-grade spares in case any part replacements are needed to increase the longevity of the car suspension system.

Car suspension components we check

At the BR Car Care Centre, our technicians check the following suspension components:


Cars are equipped with steel coil springs that compress and expand to absorb shocks from driving in poor road conditions. The stiffness of these springs will affect how the sprung mass or part of the vehicle supported by the spring responds while driving. Usually, loosely sprung cars like luxury vehicles “swallow” bumps to provide a smooth driving experience. On the other hand, tightly sprung cars like sports cars minimise body motion and ensure stability when accelerating.

Shock absorbers and struts

Shock absorbers and struts are crucial for providing vehicle stability when driving over potholes, speed bumps and rugged terrains. Damage to these components can lead to an uncomfortable driving experience.

Bearings, bushings and joints

They join linkage rods and provide space for them to twist and turn and improve steering responsiveness.

Therefore, opt for a comprehensive car suspension repair Birmingham at our garage. Please give us a call on 0121 400779 to book an appointment with us or Come directly to our garage at 383-387 Moseley Rd, Birmingham B12 9DD during business hours. We are here for you. Shock absorbers Birmingham - BR Car Care Centre!